13 Things That Made SS Rajamouli The Best Director Of Indian Cinema

S.S Rajamouli needs no introduction, nor do his movies. We all know that he is a great director. He is one of the most enigmatic directors we have in Telugu Cinema today. But do you know what makes him best director of Indian cinema? If no, check out these 13 things which prove he is the best among all.


1. He can make any story into a masterpiece.

2. Stunning visual effects. He won National awards for it.

3. Impeccable movie making skills

4. You can never be bored of his films though there are some unrealistic fights.

5. He never compromises on quality and budget.

6. He designs a separate weapon for each hero in his films

7. Rajamouli never repeats the same theme (Different story for every movie)

8. Graphic works

9. Excellent arts and giant set with clear audio and visuals.

10. No flops in his history

11. He is best known for epic-scale drama films

12. Innovative use of special effects

13. His latest blockbuster movie “Baahubali”, which is has grossed Rs. 2000 crores worldwide made him best director of Indian cinema.