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सर्वेहभ्यः नूतनलेखकेभ्यः आवाहम्! यदि भवन्तः लेखने आनन्दम् अनुभवन्ति, स्वरचितं साहित्यं च प्रकाशितं द्रष्टुम् इच्छन्ति तर्हि अत्र अस्ति अवसरः। निर्दिष्टं विषयमधिकृत्य स्वरचितं लेखं प्रेषयतु। वयं पठितुम् उत्सुकाः ।
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What did you enjoy the most in school this year?


शब्दमर्यदा : 900 words
प्रेषणस्य अन्तिः दिनाङ्‌कः : March 31, 2010
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What I enjoyed most this year
लेखक: : Saranini | City : Mumbai | Age 11
At our school, we have many events like the Annual Day, Sports Ceremony and seminars every year. However, this year, we had many more events because of the school’s silver jubilee. We had a life ski .....
My happy year-From: S.V.SUPRAJA 6Th Std, 12 Years, Kingdom of Bahrain
लेखक: : ramayyasvp | City : bahrain | Age 12
My school’s name is Indian School, Bahrain. Bahrain is a small island towards gulf in Arabian Sea. Daily I see the beautiful scenery of the backwaters and the sea gulls in the beach. Everyday I cros .....
the bunker 4 gud
लेखक: : sowmyalakshmi | City : vishakhapatnam | Age 15
It was in the month of November. The annual day celebrations were going on in a very serious manner as the annual day was two days ahead.I was sitting in my classroom not knowing what to do as it wa .....
लेखक: : poojabindu | City : hyderabad | Age 13
HI!my dear friends I have got a nice chance to share my memories with all of you.I study in kendriya vidhyalaya in hyderabad.I was studying in this school since past 2yrs,so at my begining of new scho .....
happy days
लेखक: : v.ramesh | City : vijayawada | Age 13
hi,hello everybody,iam studying in kennedy school in vijayawada.my school is very nice,this year i enjyed very much,in this yeat starting iam started introducing new freinds who had joined ,and i made .....
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