My English Teacher

लेखक: : Sushmitagaikwad    |    City : Hyderabad   |    Age : 13

Theme Post : Write about the person you admire the most.

The most admirable person would be my "English Teacher".

I usually get not so good marks in English subject.I'm a good student of my class but i lose my rank due to the lack of marks in English.There are a few students of my class who are very good at English and score more than 90% marks in it.But i usually score 80% marks and that makes a huge difference,that is my drawback. How much ever i tried to score best in my subject but i failed most of the times.

One day my English teacher was explaining a poem and a boy of my class seemed to answer many of her questions.That boy indeed was short in height but was clever and a good competitor for students.The teacher quoted by saying "Shortest are the Smartest".Some of my classmates got jealous of him and told her that "I" too was clever enough.So she asked me a question and i failed to give the answer.In that term,i was the topper and after failing to answer i thought" What sort of Topper am I". I felt to burst out crying but i controlled myself.I also felt that my English teacher gives importance only to that boy and not me.But after sometime she said me

" If you pay a little bit more attention,you could give the answers. You have great Potential".

Then from now i'm working hard to do well in my English subject.Her few words have illuminated my dark thoughts for English as i considered it to be boring.

Thus,i think she's the most admirable person and i realized that she gives importance to each and every student.

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