The Ghosts Of The Woods

लेखक : Cuttykunu    |    शहर : bhubaneswar   |    वय : 11

Theme Post : GHOSTS

On the last day of my final exams, I was very excited as I was going to my hometown for a long vacation. During the vacation I asked my grandma to tell me a horror story. She was afraid that this would generate fear in me. But with much request she reluctantly started her tale.

Once upon a time, there lived a brother with his two sisters. His name was Shankar, the elder sister's name was shiela and younger was surbhi. Brother Shankar used to bring firewood from the near by woods. Shiela was a flower vender and Surbhi had just completed her studies.

One day while Shankar was going to the forest, his sisters requested him to take them along with him. Shankar agreed. They all went to the woods. When they reached there Shiela was feeling thirsty. There was a small pool. When she was about to drink water, someone pulled her from inside the pool. To save her Shankar also jumped into the pool. But none of them returned.

Surbhi was afraid and so she was crying. Slowly it became dark. Suddenly a ghost in white sari, holding a lamp arrived. The ghost went to the pool and asked the other ghost who lived inside the pool that how many he had captured that day. A reply came “a boy and a girl”. Then the ghost went to a nearby cottage and kept the lamp, and then she slept. Surbhi followed her. In front of the cottage a cat was roaming. The cat told her that the ghosts all powers are in the lamp. It capture peoples, kills them, and drinks there blood. It also gave Surbhi a letter and disappeared somewhere. The girl read the letter.

Now she knew what to do. She took the lamp and went in search of a sandal hood tree. She was successful in finding it. She plucked the one and only flower in it. She came near the pool. As she was holding the lamp the water ghost felt it was the other ghost. Surbhi told the ghost to free the boy and the girl. The water ghost did so. Now she burnt the flower and threw the flower and the lamp in the pool. The moment she burnt the flower both the ghosts died. Surbhi, Shankar, Shiela retuned to home safely and happily.

When the story finished grandma was looking tired so I quietly slipped from there.




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