Uniforms Impart A Sense Of Belonging,

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Theme Post : Should uniforms be compulsory in schools?

Now a days even big Corporate Houses including Banks,Financial Institutions,IT Companies,MNCs etc.have prescribed dress codes for their employees. This is because the dress code gives a sense of belonging to the employees and also gives visibility to the corporate house in the public eye. Moreover, since everybody in the company from the CEO to the lowest level employee wears the same uniform there is no distinction among the hierarchy and that in turn motivates them for good team work.

The school which builds the foundation of future citizens of the country is no less than any corporate house. Applying the same logic it is essential for each school to have its own dress code (read it as Uniform). When I wear my school dress I feel exalted with the feeling of being a student of my school. The school uniform makes everybody equal.There is no feeling of rich and poor, good or bad, brilliant or haggard- everybody is on the same platform. We can distinguish our students in big gatherings simply by looking at their uniform. I know an instance when a nursery student of our school got lost in a Republic Day celebration in the town. He was so frightened that he was not able to speak anything. The Police brought him to our school seeing his uniform.

I strongly feel that even the teachers and non teaching staff of the school should also wear dress of the same colour as that of the students' uniform. That will facilitate better mixing between teachers and students. If corporate employees can have dress code then why not school teachers?

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