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अद्भूत गोष्टींचा आनंद घेणार्‍या सर्वांना कॉल करीत आहोत! जर का तुम्हाला लेखनाचा छंद असेल आणि स्वतःच काम प्रकाशित होवो ही इच्छा असेल तर मग येथे तुम्हाला ती संधि मीळेल। खाली दिलेल्या थीम वर एक कहाणी सबमिट करा। जर तुमची कहाणी पसंत करण्यात आली तर, चांदोबाच्या अंकात आम्ही तीला विशेष स्थान देउ। तुमच्या कल्पनांना भरपुर वेग द्या आणि लिहून काढा काही छानसं!
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शब्द सीमा : 900 words
सबमिशनचा शेवटचा दिवस : March 31, 2010
Please do not submit entries that have been authored by other writers and those that have been published elsewhere either in print or on the Internet.
The contest winner's story will be featured in an issue of Chandamama.
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लेखक : cuttykunu | शहर : bhubaneswar | वय 11
On the last day of my final exams, I was very excited as I was going to my hometown for a long vacation. During the vacation I asked my grandma to tell me a horror story. She was afraid that this woul .....
Ghost making peace
लेखक : tinkuvenu | शहर : | वय 1995
Once upon a time there lived 2222222 Ghosts and one of them was named Miau.Miau was a Ghoat cat liked to scare dogs.In the D.I. (dog intelligence)Baudog D.I. chief was told to fight Miau Whit Ghost va .....
The Demon of the gibbet.
लेखक : vignesh280 | शहर : chennai | वय 13
Long long ago,there was a great warrior.The warrior with his lady love rode on a horse through the gallows tree.the day was dark and the directions could not be identified.Being afraid of darkness .....
a meeting with a ghost
लेखक : kavitha | शहर : | वय 12
the wind howled down as i mounted up the hill tracks.my destination was the ruined palace about which many a weird story was told by the people of SAMCHI.i wanted to experience for myself the strangen .....
लेखक : sadhvika | शहर : trichy | वय 12
oiiioui .....
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