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सर्वेहभ्यः नूतनलेखकेभ्यः आवाहम्! यदि भवन्तः लेखने आनन्दम् अनुभवन्ति, स्वरचितं साहित्यं च प्रकाशितं द्रष्टुम् इच्छन्ति तर्हि अत्र अस्ति अवसरः। निर्दिष्टं विषयमधिकृत्य स्वरचितं लेखं प्रेषयतु। वयं पठितुम् उत्सुकाः ।
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write about the person you admire the most.


शब्दमर्यदा : 900 words
प्रेषणस्य अन्तिः दिनाङ्‌कः : March 31, 2010
Please do not submit entries that have been authored by other writers and those that have been published elsewhere either in print or on the Internet.
The contest winner's story will be featured in an issue of Chandamama.
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My admiration, My mother.
लेखक: : sanjanaa | City : MUMBAI | Age 14
“Who is the person you admire the most?” no doubt, my answer for this question is my MOM. She is so considerate and generous that I admire her and realize her as my best friend. My mom advises .....
my mother
लेखक: : dhirajchandamama | City : secunderabad | Age 9
The person that I admire the most is my mother. Although she scolds and beats me ,I still love my mother because she does that only to teach me something. She not only beats and scolds me ,she also do .....
My English Teacher
लेखक: : sushmitagaikwad | City : Hyderabad | Age 13
The most admirable person would be my "English Teacher". I usually get not so good marks in English subject.I'm a good student of my class but i lose my rank due to the lack of marks in English.There .....
My Friend
लेखक: : GARUDABOY | City : Karimnagar | Age 12
Admire, this word has a wider meaning in a normal human life because it means regard with respect. This topic is important because it will provoke the aim in child's life .The Person I admire is my fr .....
लेखक: : blackberry | City : ROURKELA | Age 8
She is the one who really loves me.I share my difficulty with her and she helps me all the time in solving with a smile in her face. She is a good dancer,and some time helps me in guiding me in dance .....
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