चन्दमामा लेखकः भवतु
सर्वेहभ्यः नूतनलेखकेभ्यः आवाहम्! यदि भवन्तः लेखने आनन्दम् अनुभवन्ति, स्वरचितं साहित्यं च प्रकाशितं द्रष्टुम् इच्छन्ति तर्हि अत्र अस्ति अवसरः। निर्दिष्टं विषयमधिकृत्य स्वरचितं लेखं प्रेषयतु। वयं पठितुम् उत्सुकाः ।
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write about the person you admire the most.


शब्दमर्यदा : 900 words
प्रेषणस्य अन्तिः दिनाङ्‌कः : March 31, 2010
Please do not submit entries that have been authored by other writers and those that have been published elsewhere either in print or on the Internet.
The contest winner's story will be featured in an issue of Chandamama.
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लेखक: : aakshay999 | City : NEW DELHI | Age 14
I admire my parents the most. They are the ones who gave birth to me. because of them only i am here today. they are my creators. They were my first gurus. They provided me with all the facilities. th .....
लेखक: : jersey | City : MUMBAI | Age 9
The person whom you admire would obviously be that person whom you feel is an all rounder. When it comes to me, I admire my parents, for they were my first teachers.They've always been by my side and .....
The Great Leader
लेखक: : kavya1998 | City : dubai | Age 11
Many great people have influenced my life and the changed the world with their great thoughts and personality. The person whom I admire would be Mahatma Gandhi.He was the prince of truth and non-vi .....
Indira Gandhi
लेखक: : chinky.gaur | City : Jodhpur | Age 11
As she was the 4th prime minister and the 1st lady prime minister,i think she was a dominating lady and solved the problems of the people. she lead a hard life and was a powerful lady.i admire her bec .....
My parents
लेखक: : priyadarshini1997 | City : doha | Age 12
I admire on my parents. I like them very much. Only my parents struggled on the growth of mine. My father buy for me every thing that whatever I ask. My mother does for me every thing, that I don't be .....
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